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Psyllium Exhilarating Life PREMIUM SELECTION   Psyllium Refresh life

You can make anyone feel free to feel satisfaction and healthy "drink & food".
Psyllium exhilarating life is utilizing the characteristics of the "blond coat" and help realize the "feeling and the sense of satisfaction" tend to lack dietary fiber (fiber Dietar) with food supplements.

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It's just aboutEating too much / Sweets and oilsLike / I found outLess / Dietary fiberTend to lack

Your breakfast, enjoy!

1How much on what's needed?

Psyllium exhilarating life product specifications






Q. what kind of taste?
Fresh living is the mostOdorless and tastelessIs.
Mixed with food, does not affect taste or smell. "Like you have" water makes "thick", mixed with hot water.

Q... of per day how many g should I take?
It depends on the daily diet ofThe first 3-10 gBreakfast with moisture indication.
The dosage in your physical condition and your favorite and enjoy.

Q. There is a sense of satisfaction.
Water that expands over time.
Dosage in the water you mix wellFrom the place "a few minutes"Guests will enjoy the satisfaction increases.

Q. over time when you featured?
Intake hours areNo particular restrictions.
So easy to get feeling of fullness on the characteristics of the productDiet is "a little bit in front of the meal"To enjoy.

Q. How come out feeling of?
There are individual differencesEarly people with approximately 1 week in late day, peopleWith many people realize how much it is. In addition, in our continuing please health maintenance and management.

Q. how much if kids drink is?
But there are individual differences in intakeStart small (1 to 2 g)In the try.
Confirming that do not affect health up dosage gradually increase the amount.

Q. during pregnancy should I use?
If you put that on the characteristics of the product, soDo not use during pregnancy.
Please use on lactating, consult your family doctor.

Q. vaccinated along with other healthy foods?
The expanding nature of the product, while making a jelly-like, soMake a little time (approximately 30 minutes)We recommend that you never used them.

Q. can be combined with medication?
Taking the medication or treatment duringConsult your family doctor onIn use. Please use, a little free time (approximately 30 minutes).

Q. are mixed black and Brown is.
The grainy black or brownPart of the psyllium seedIt is. Contamination but does not, so enjoy.

Q. additives and preservatives are used?
Additives and preservativesDo not use any. In addition, conduct quality control in Japan, committed to safety. Relax and enjoy.

Q. after the opening I can store where the?
Please store in a cold place, avoiding high temperature and humidity, and direct sunlight.
After opening 1-2 months approximately.To enjoy as much as possible in advance.

Basic health care is a daily eating habits. Exhilarating life help on health care.

* Diet staple, main dish meal based on balance.

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