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President Keiji fujimaki
Hobby Aikido training and guidance, Kobudo, and falls

Our human origins date 7 million years ago from now. Humanity has come along with the wild history of.

"Wild power", as a source of daily nutrition, when "disease" as when "medical equipment" used as has been. Closely tied to this wild, we has been perpetuated in human DNA.

Hyundai has accomplished great chemistry and medical development. But only the "diets", remains a doubt during evolution. Food especially for the last few decades, we will in the mouth is full, such as carbohydrates, lipids and additives. We believe that mouth soft and gentle on the body, obviously something different I.

Our aid Ishii, offers our first forgotten modern "wild power", in 30 years. Learn from the wisdom of the ancestors, carefully selected grass of home and abroad, we are willing to make "quality-oriented" products. Our products will help to "curing" of days of our happiness.

Lastly is there a sincere best wishes for your health and happiness.

It is a moment which experienced "the pursuit of Happyness and greatness" shocking encounter wild with me.

Landholder familiar with wild Brown and they had me, but since when do pharmaceutical trading company you chose a job after graduating from University, born in resistance against the "Eastern medicine".

Is at the forefront of Western medicine, you can introduce you to Dr drug has been extremely gratifying thing, and salespeople were work feel proud.

So occasionally I from the neglect of their own health, both physically and mentally upset appeal as is was. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine hospital customers was joined at 13 years old, cannot recover, I introduced Dr.

In a stressful commute 2 times 1 times, remains to be told in the old nostalgic slowly spread they smoke, peculiar smell and soothing heat ever heavy stereotyping was South released to such a strange experience again was reunited with "wildflower".

Corporation aid Ishii, Japan herb-灸点 is "can feel and experience" in the gem Wildflower craftsman certification "special recommended label" has been attached.

Within this website, as long as "specially recommended product ' on, started to sell.

Countries both inside and outside carefully selected materials with wild tea (made from natural materials carefully selected additive-free)
Natural wild-derived dietary AIDS (natural material carefully non-additive)
Natural wild-derived health promotion gadgets (natural material carefully non-additive)
灸点 ya stick moxibustion (acupuncturists, doctors, veterinary nurses-only domestic Moxa sticks)

* PB products and contract manufacturing for the subsidiary agreements to the project proposal.
If you are interested in our sales representatives or our please feel free to contact us.