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Stick moxibustion Senka   Rod Moxa

Stage in the 灸点 shop, foreignGet rid of each and every attentive selection and refinementEven without the paper and does not have fall jumped up impurities-burn.

Also,To increase the effect of moxibustion "smoke" is "鬱金"By combining the common"Cineole.The work isClean, refreshing and relaxing effect.Pull out.

12 cm in length and 7 mm in diameter. Burning time approx. 25 minutes
9 mm diameter / length 12 cm. Burning time approx. 30 minutes
12 mm diameter / length 12 cm. Burning time approx. 40 minutes
16 mm diameter / length 12 cm. Burning time approx. 45 minutes
20 mm in diameter and 12 cm in length. Burning time: 50 minutes

Manufacturing method of sticking

Stick moxibustion Shoppe "灸点 ya" has been manufacturing the original stick moxibustion "Moxa sticks wrapped with washi, smoke, charcoal sticks", so far. However,The magic of Ai WeiweiAre not yet to withdraw.

And revalidate the experience of many in the 灸点 shop, the paper, without the use Moxa stick formationDomestic production of natural seaweedWe have developed a new production method to use.Do not use water, evenly, always keep the pressure of Ai WeiweiSo far do not "own" the process,"Good feeling unique safety, stability and Moxa sticks"We have achieved. * Please complete 1 month both material and manufacturing process without any compromise "灸点 ya stick moxibustion'. Please note that this has become a priority reservation regarding the shipment of the goods.

Stick moxibustion Senka product use description

Adopted: acupuncture College / Acupuncture clinic / Department of orthopaedic surgery / Animal hospital
Moxa sticks the definitive "a master of the moxa sticks" stick moxibustion shop [灸点 shop Moxa sticks"is the name of the product. (Domestic)