Silium Exhilarating Life PREMIUM SELECTION New Release

"Silium Exhilarating Life PREMIUM SELECTION" Guide
"Silium Exhilarating Life PREMIUM SELECTION", the highest grade of the popular product "Syrium Exhilarating Life", will be released with wild grass. It is a product that thoroughly pursued the unprecedented "no muddy, no smell, no foreign matter zero". Currently, we will make it a "limited product for corporate facilities" until 2020.3 for stable supply. Please use the highest quality "natural dietary fiber" for your health maintenance management by all means.

Features of "Silium Exhilarating Life PREMIUM SELECTION"
This product uses 100% sophisticated "GOLDEN PSYLLIUM/ Golden Syrium*". We import high-quality "blonde silium seed skin" from India, called the king of dietary fiber, and carry out "high pressure steam sterilization and machine sorting*" in Japan. In addition, we have applied for a trademark as "GOLDEN PSYLLIUM" for the highest level of seed skin that performed "carefully selected selection*" to remove all fine foreign matter, including the twigs left behind.

*GOLDEN PSYLLIUM Has been certified as "GOLDEN PSYLLIUM" with the highest standards of FSS10. [Trademark Registration Application 2019-70037]
※High pressure steam sterilization: Not only sterilization but also dirt and smell are removed and sterilized.
*Machine sorting removes foreign objects, including twigs, pebbles and paper fragments.
※Carefully selected selection: We remove small foreign matter and pursue safety and security. 【PREMIUM SELECTION】

Terms 10 of our own standards
A sense of foreign ★★★★★
It's ★★★★★ exhilaration.
Expansion force ★★★★★
Haste ★★★★★
I can feel it★★★★★
Convenience ★★★★
Safety ★★★★★
Overall rating 4.8
[Five-Star Scale]

Label Color: Pink Brown
1 bag content: 200g
Use standard: 4g (approx. 98 yen) x 50 times
Asking price: 4,860 yen

Daily health begins with "Mie".